Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Inferiority Complex

If you always feeling you're inferior, be extra careful with this, you must arrest it immediately!

If you're not going to do something drastic to curb this, then your thoughts, words, and all actions or behaviors not only will be trained/conditioned towards inferiority, but also will live up to this kind of belief.

This belief will stunt your potential and destiny in life !!!

So... please leave home without this thought !!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


My interpretation on what endurance is all about - have an infinite ability to endure the unbearable. In today's world, very few people endured in life challenges, but many people simply quick to give up on anything difficult or even over the simplest task. Many things cannot be achieved overnight, but have to go through the due process - some may takes years to materialize.

Like in one of Asian folklore when a young man asked his elder "How do I endure?"

Then, the elder answered him short and precise, "you endure by enduring."

I think the above statement from TFBH is very true. There is no other ways to endure - but only by enduring the process of endurance itself, then learn and adjust from there.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Leading Change: Make No Mistake !

When one in the leadership position, it can be very interesting. Sometimes it may put one become glamour. Why is it so? Glamourous may come from the ability of the leader to lead his team navigate through good and bad times.

Make no mistake! Why? It is apparent that on the other flip side of glamourous, to be in the position of leadership also has its minus points. What are they? Take note that the leader will be never escape from attempts to take him down especially during turbulence period. That is when the leader whom at the same time double hat as change agent(CA) must be very careful in leading change.

What can be used as a general guide to lead change that truly transforms?

1) The CA needs to ask his team to confront difficult and hard press issues; and at the same time they(the team members) have to let go rituals that long time ago has been dear to them.
2) There will be many attempts and plans to try to reduce CA's influence or even worst to eliminate him by hook or by crook.
3) Resistance group normally wish to derail CA's plan and prefer status quo to maintain. People will resist to accept changes and the new moves. Worst still they even come out loud denying that there is no problem.
4) Do not do it alone. The danger if you are doing it alone, there's no one to dilute your ideas or celebrate your success. Choose a partner who will protect you from baseless attacks. Your partner also act to point out possible flaws in your change mechanisms.